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Wellbeing Sessions

A brand new custom built studio equipped with a top of the range Bungee Fitness system

What are our Wellbeing Session?

Our wellbeing sessions include...  Guided Aerial Meditation, Aerial Sound Healing and an Aerial Crystalline Sound Bath.

Aerial Meditation (with Sarah & Luke)- You will experience a transformative 45 minute guided meditation, Through expertly crafted breathing exercises, you will be primed to embark on a profound journey of self discovery and heightened self awareness.

Aerial Sound Healing (with Angelina) - This a group meditation with healing sound waves that brings your mind and body back into balance. Meditate as the rhythm and frequency shift our brain into a deep relaxation state, while gently swinging/ laying in a hammock.

Unlock the full potential of your mind and elevate your wellbeing with our meticulously designed meditation sessions. 

Benefits of ariel sound include:

• A deep state of relaxation

• Reduced stress • Improved sleep quality

• Pain reduction through endorphin release

• An immunity boost

• Relieves anxiety and low mood

• Lowered blood pressure

Aerial or Floor Crystalline Sound Bath (with Sonia)- Come join us, in reconnecting with yourself at a cellular level and feel your whole body relax as the sounds of the Hapi Drum, Crystal Bowls and Crystal Harp move your body back into alignment. The evening will focus on relaxing and uplifting sounds to nourish. Using various techniques and meditations to open up your heart and soul to the different sounds of yourself connected to the universe.

Now Imagine all the beautiful sensations of a sound bath while lying gently in a hammock….If being afloat is not your thing then you can still join in on our sessions with enough space in the studio to meditate peacefully on the floor.


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