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  • Will Bungee Fitness get me fit?
    Yes! The class is designed to provide you with cardiovascular, strength, endurance, power and flexibility benefits, as well as a massive dose of adrenaline! We’re not kidding when we say it’s both exhilarating and effective.
  • What do I wear to a bungee fitness session?
    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move about in with ease. We highly recommend thicker shorts/trousers to accommodate additional comfort when wearing our bungee harnesses. It's normal to feel new sensations, which at the early stages of your bungee journey can feel discomforting at times and even painful if not worn correctly. So thicker garments are certainly advised for the first few sessions until your body adjusts and becomes one with your bungee. Any training shoes that have a decent amount of grip on them are suitable.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me to the bungee fitness sessions?
    It is a vigorous workout so you are likely to become hot and sweaty. So it is a good idea to bring some drinking water with you. You may also wish to bring a small towel (but this is not essential).
  • Is there an age limit to attending bungee fitness sessions?
    Bungee Fitness sessions are designed for adults (16+ years of age). Although our young person sessions will be starting soon. So watch this space.
  • Is there a weight limit for Bungee Fitness?
    Each bungee has a capacity of 150kg, you can also be attached to 2 sets of bungees if required. Meaning the maximum weight limit is around 300kg
  • I sometimes have problems with my knees and back, will I still be able to take part in Bungee Fitness?
    Many participants who have attended with problem knees and back have found that Bungee Fitness has been well within their capability and the bungee effects have helped alleviate knee and back discomfort for some. Ensure you let us know of any health problems during your sign up process, when you arrive at the class, your instructor will introduce themselves to you and conduct a screening activity to help you to decide if there are any exercises that you may wish to adapt to suit your needs.
  • I want to try Bungee Fitness... but i'm scared of heights!
    That’s alright... Bungee Fitness sessions start with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Your instructor will walk you through using the bungee so you build your confidence alongside learning new movements and travel patterns as more complex moves will be included gradually. The Instructor is trained to take care by offering alternatives for you to select during the class.
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