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Virtual Reality

Ages 10+
The ultimate combination - VR GamePlay and Bungee Fitness
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VR GamePlay

the Studio

Using state of the art Virtual Reality gameplay technology to fully immerse yourself into the gaming world everything will come to life!

Hour long sessions designed just for young people aged 10+

Facilitators will get you all set up and ready for the action. If you're new to gaming they'll be on hand to give you tips. If you're a pro gamer then you can get strapped in and away you go.

Bungee Fitness

the Studio

Fun and energetic Bungee Fitness sessions designed specifically for young people aged 10+. Games and activities while soaring through the air, what could be better?!

Hour long sessions facilitated by our trained instructors who will guide you through the session.

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Book a Session

The perfect combination does exist! Your choice of Bungee Fitness or VR GamePlay in one session, book now to grab your space in our next combo session.

Terms & Conditions

View all the terms and conditions on the Youth Waiver before signing your young person up to one of combo sessions. It is important that you and your child understands before attending a session. 

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