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Bungee Fitness

A brand new custom built studio equipped with a top of the range Bungee Fitness system

What is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee Fitness combines resistance training and a cardiovascular workout, while being attached to a bungee cord. It has a super high fun-factor while enjoying an effective workout.
Jumping in the air, increases your heart rate and you burn up to 700 calories per workout. The bungee gives a different dimension to burpees, push-ups and jumps, you’ll be motivated to train your muscles in a different way.

How it works


Induction Experience

You'll start with your Induction Experience giving you all the knowledge and confidence to be able to start your Bungee Fitness journey. The hour session with one of our amazing instructors will go through all the basics of the equipment, health and safety, as well as the benefits of this incredible fitness phenomenon. 


Bungee Sessions

Once you've completed your induction you'll receive an E-Certificate and you'll be able to move onto your bungee sessions. The first two of which are included in the Introduction Pack so don't forget to check out the special offers below.


Free Fly Sessions

Once you're comfortable with all the equipment and have a bank of awesome 'moves' you can pull from. Our instructors will leave you to it. You can attend one of our Free Fly Sessions with video guidance and do your own thing. (Instructors will always be on hand if you need a little support)


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Don't forget our special offers


Bungee for Young People

Why should adults have all the fun of soaring through the air while getting fit. We'll be pushing young people to find new ways to keep fit. And having fun along the way. Our combination session is perfect for young people wanting to try VR GamePlay too.

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