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Sway & Play

Welcome to Sway and Play, where unforgettable moments and joyful experiences await children and parents alike! We offer a variety of sessions tailored to different age groups, ensuring that every child's developmental stage is catered to.

At Sway and Play, we believe in the power of play to strengthen bonds, stimulate development, and create lasting memories. Join us for an unforgettable journey of laughter, learning, and love. Book your session today and let the fun begin!

Sensory Sway & Play 

0-12 Months Old

For our youngest adventurers, aged 0-12 months, we provide gentle and stimulating sensory activities designed to engage their growing minds and senses. From soft textures to soothing sounds, our sessions foster early development in a safe and nurturing environment.


Stay & Play

12+ Months Old

Once your little one reaches 12 months and beyond, they're ready to explore even more! Our interactive play sessions offer a world of discovery, featuring bungee activities and swinging hammocks that encourage movement, coordination, and endless giggles. Parents are involved in the fun, creating cherished memories alongside their child.


Toddler Bungee

3+ Years Old

For the spirited 3-year-olds and older, our sessions are filled with excitement and imagination. From fun to imaginative play in our Bungees, there's never a dull moment at Sway and Play. Together, parents and children can unleash their creativity and bond through shared adventures.

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