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Pole Fitness 

Pole fitness is a unique fusion of strength and grace, where you'll master fluid dance movements and gravity-defying acrobatics using only your body on a vertical pole. Elevate your fitness journey with this empowering and artistic workout that caters to all levels of enthusiasts. Through spins, climbs, and inversions, sculpt your body, improve flexibility, and embrace the joy of self-expression.

Join us for an intro/Beginners class. our classes provide a supportive environment for your pole fitness journey.

Explore the artistry and strength of pole fitness with our 1-hour classes designed for all levels. Each session unfolds with a comprehensive warm-up encompassing mobility, cardio, and flexibility exercises. The class structure includes invigorating body conditioning, followed by the main segment featuring pole tricks and combos tailored to your ability level. Conclude the session with a cool down, ensuring a holistic and balanced workout experience.


Pole Fit Introduction Class

At our Pole Fitness Introduction Class! Experience the basics of pole dancing in a fun and supportive environment. Learn fundamental moves, build strength, and discover the artistry of pole fitness. No experience required. Join us for a taste of what our full course offers before committing. Get ready to unleash your inner strength and confidence!

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